Virtual Aircraft Framework (VIRAF) 4.0 (虚拟飞机框架设计)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

VIRAF包括一套先进的建模和预测工具,已通过IDS 25年的雷达和红外线特征仿真和测量服务经验得到广泛验证。 IDS工程师的反馈也用于不断更新和改进VIRAF的工具和工作程序,目的是减少优化航空设计解决方案的时间和成本。
VIRAF is specifically designed to provide an integrated environment for signature management of aeronautical platforms, both at the component and system levels. It is a modular framework which can offer both RCS and IR signature prediction and management allowing aircraft manufacturers to start optimizing an aircraft’s design at the earliest stages.
VIRAF includes a suite of advanced modeling and prediction tools which have been extensively validated through IDS’s 25 years of experience providing radar and infrared signature simulation and measurement services. Feedback from IDS’s engineers is also used to continuously update and improve VIRAF’s tools and working procedures with the aim of reducing the time and cost for an optimized aeronautical design solution.
VIRAF provides a full framework for the management of complex designs, thanks to the project/version data organization, streamlined workflows, input, output, settings and results history tracking and the ability for multiple users to work on the same project. It includes tools to interface with most common commercial CAD software as well as an advanced meshing tool to generate numerical models to be used by the signature prediction codes. 

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