Trimble Business Center 4.10 x64 (数据绘图)

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Trimble Business Center 4.10 x64 are additional new features as follow.
 Coordinate System Database enhancements - The following enhancements have been made to the default Coordinate System Database (current.csd):
o Added new Geoids SW17RH70 & SW17RH2000 for Sweden (sw17rh70.ggf & sw172000.ggf)
o Updated Russian coordinate systems
o Added new coordinate system for Slovenia
o Fixed duplicated Geoid descriptions, creating issues when searching for Geoid file
o Referenced file rnn07.ggf as Geoid "RAR07 (La Reunion)"
o Referenced file ostn15.sgf as Shift Grid "OSTN15"
o Added UTM18 on NAD83 datum for Canada
o Added new Latvian datum and geoid (LV14.ggf)
o Added the Australian Geoid AUSGeoid2020 (ausgeoid2020.ggf)
o Fixed EPSG codes for FIN2000 geoid
o Fixed wrong case in OSTN15 description
o Published Swiss Geoids (chgeo04.ggf, chgo04ht.ggh + chenyx06.sgf)
o Added new HTRS96 datum and HVRS71 geoid for Croatia
o Updated coordinate systems and datums for French Dependencies (including name changes)
o Added new Greenland GR96 datum and new zone group
 Updated Convert to RINEX utility - The Convert to RINEX utility application, which is installed along with TBC, converts Trimble GNSS measurement files in DAT, T00, T01, T02, RT17, RT27, or .cap format to RINEX version 2.10, 2.11, 3.02, or 3.03 formats. The new version 3.06.0 includes expanded support for QZSS PRN Range to reflect the latest ICD and improved calculation of antenna offset for 0 ARP height.
 New Inpho UASMaster v9.0 - The UASMaster software application enables you to create powerful deliverables from images collected with UAS aerial mapping and surveying systems and offers a complete photogrammetric processing workflow combined with automated and interactive editing, refinement and mapping tools to generate highest precision point clouds, vector maps and true
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orthophotos. The newest version 9.0, currently being installed with TBC, includes the following enhancements:
o 3D georeferencing - Provides enhanced flexibility in supporting all varieties of UAS platforms—from fixed-wing nadir, multi-copter oblique, and hand-held imagery datasets—even with arbitrary (flight) paths.
o 3D reconstruction - Automatically extract dense 3D point clouds from multiple platform types. Choose the best UAS platform for your project and generate the same high quality deliverables. This opens the possibilities for new applications, such as building facade mapping, cell tower reconstruction, monitoring of vertical structures, bridges, and many more.
o Automated project setup - Enjoy significantly improved ease-of-use and reduced processing time. Simply import imagery and start processing. Camera and EXIF information is automatically read from the imported files and added into the project settings.
 Display source file in Observation Properties - The Properties pane for observations now identifies the source file used to import the observation into your project. This makes it much easier to locate specific observations when your project includes numerous imported data files.
 Easily close all open commands from the Plan View - You can now right-click in the Plan View and select the Close All option to close all open command panes.
Resolved issues:
The following additional issue has been fixed in this version of TBC.
 The latest version of SketchUp files cannot be imported into TBC.
Miscellaneous notes:
 Export Autodesk® ReCap® files - To export an Autodesk ReCap file, you must have the latest version of ReCap Pro installed on your computer with a valid license. Unlike previous versions of ReCap Pro, you can install the newest version before or after the installation of TBC and the two applications will sync automatically without the need to run a plug-in utility.
 "Use for" property for total station observations - In previous versions of TBC, the “Use for” property for total station observations applied only to backsights of Resection station setups. In all other cases, regardless of the “Use for” property selection, the “Horizontal and vertical” option was always used. Starting with TBC v4.10, the “Use for” selection in new projects applies to all observations for all station setup types.
Note: If you use TBC v4.10 (or later) to open a project that was created in a pre-4.10 version of TBC, the displayed “Use for” selection will function as it has in the past. Therefore, no changes to older projects are required. If you change the “Use for” selection for an observation, it will begin to function with the new TBC v4.10 behavior for just that observation.
 TBC Help - The TBC Help is now being provided in all-English only.

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