DS SolidWorks Premium 2018 SP0 (多语含简中版)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

SOLIDWORKS 2018是CAD(MCAD,ECAD),模拟,数据管理和协作工具,提供我们的用户需要驱动创新的力量。 在本版本中,90%的增强是由用户反馈驱动的。
今年,您将发现超过250个新功能和增强功能,在所有产品中共有520种新增功能。 除了提高日常生产率外,约20%涉及新的创新。 有许多核心CAD增强功能,如可变倒角,将Chamfer转换为圆角以进行灵活建模的超级功能,高级孔,增强的导入网格文件,包装功能,偏移表面,更好的部件放置,可交付高达5X 在超过SOLIDWORKS 2016的性能改进。与speedpack增强的磁性配对使得它快速和容易地管理大型模块化组件。
SOLIDWORKS 2018 is CAD (MCAD, ECAD), simulation, data management and collaboration tools that delivers the power our users need to drive innovation. In this release, 90 percent of the enhancements are driven by user feedback.
This year, you will find more than 250 new features and enhancements in CAD alone with a total of 520 new enhancements spread across all products. Beyond improving day-to-day productivity, approximately 20 percent of those involve new innovations. There are many core CAD enhancements such as variable Chamfer, super features that convert Chamfer to a Fillet for flexible modeling, advanced hole, enhancements to import mesh files, wrap feature, offset surface, better placement of components while mating that can deliver up to 5X in performance improvements over SOLIDWORKS 2016. Magnetic mates with speedpack enhancements makes it fast and easy to manage large modular assemblies.  

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