Sigasi Studio XL DOC 3.8 (VHDL代码编辑,浏览和检查)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Sigasi Studio平台是专门为使HDL设计更容易,更高效而开发的。 它基于Eclipse平台,并带来了相同类型的实时代码检查帮助,软件工程师多年来一直坚守硬件领域。
IDE确保您正在编写语法正确的VHDL(在键入时),方法是突出显示错误并提出更正建议。 因此,它可以帮助您以非常直观的方式编写,检查和修改设计,从而大大提高您的工作效率。此外,Sigasi Studio还提供了Block和State Machine Diagram以及文档生成器,它可以自动解释您的设计建成。
Sigasi Studio platform was developed specifically to make HDL design easier and more efficient. It is based on the Eclipse platform and brings the same kind of real-time code checking assistance that software engineers have enjoyed for years firmly into the hardware arena.
The IDE ensures that you are writing syntactically correct VHDL – as you type it – by highlighting errors and suggesting corrections. Accordingly, it drastically increases your productivity by helping you write, inspect and modify your designs in a very intuitive way.In addition, Sigasi Studio provides Block and State Machine Diagram, as well as Documentation Generators, which automatically interpret your design as it is being built. 

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