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The SOFiCAD Detailing is the ideal tool for designers and draftsmen, allowing the fast creation of formwork and shop drawings. SOFiCAD Reinforcement is the modern drawing tool used to generate reinforcement drawings with AutoCAD.
The modular software of the SOFiSTiK AG supports the entire planning process, starting with the architectæs plans, from which the structural analysis is made, up to the constructive reinforcement for civil engineering. BAMTEC uses individual reinforcement carpets for concrete slabs instead of conventional reinforcement with meshes. These carpets consist of uniaxial straight rebars welt with transverse strips. Due to the fact that the carpets are produced individually for any plan and structural analysis, excess material is almost reduced to zero. Up to 40% of material can be saved in comparison to conventional reinforcement mats. After the carpet geometries were determined in the engineering office, SOFiCAD (optional on the basis of a preceding Finite- Element analysis, e.g. SlabDesigner) is used to automatically generate the inspection-, manufacturing- and rollout-plans. Simultaneously to this process the machine control files are generated. The entire process chain for slab design and production is covered by the programs SlabDesigner, SOFiCAD-reinforcement and BAMTEC. This will result in much more economical planning and construction.
The SOFiCAD-Alignment module allows the planning of highway structures according to alignments. An arbitrary number of alignments, including their axes, gradients and cross-falls, can be imported or exactly re-drawn. These alignments are then taken as the basis for the further planning process. The steel detailing module SOFiCAD-S is an optimal supplement for engineers to generate overview and shop drawings in steel detailing. SOFiCAD-S allows generating any current steel profile and user defined profiles in section or any oblique view. Screws can be drawn in the sectional, the elevated and the plan view.

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