Rock Flow Dynamics RFD tNavigator 2017.v17.3 x64 (动态储层模拟)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Rock Flow Dynamics tNavigator是新一代高效精准的油藏数值模拟器,它采用趋于完美的最大并行处理设计,多核CPU集群的混合动力技术,是功能齐全的动态油藏模拟器,拥有模拟运行时的交互性显示、实时结果监测及强大后处理功能。tNavigator一直以她优异的计算性能领航新一代油藏数值模拟技术。除了自身的大量功能外,对ECLIPSE、CMG、Tempest三种商用模拟器数据格式的支持技术和完善程度在业内首屈一指。tNavigator 17.2版本释放,用户操作界面包括模型设计、辅助历史拟合、PVT设计等增加大量新功能,tNavigator交互界面的易用性能进一步扩展。
Rock Flow Dynamics develops software for the petroleum industry. It offers a wide range of advanced innovative tools for reservoir engineering implemented in tNavigator – the dynamic reservoir simulator developed by the company. RFD is expanding quickly to keep up with a fast growing Oil & Gas service industry. Our multidisciplinary team has over 70 highly qualified professionals engaged in the development and support of the next generation of reservoir simulation software. Apart from software, we also provide a wide range of consulting services. As part of the company business strategy, many members of our team are actively engaged in various research projects in the areas of numerical methods, high performance computing and others. Industry-leading tNavigator is the first and only product on the market which dynamically combines a fully interactive 3D graphical user interface and a record breaking parallel supercomputing engine. The core algorithms are based on the latest scientific developments in the field and provide the most efficient use of modern computing platforms. As a result, tNavigator provides superior performance and unparalleled user efficiency for reservoir engineers at the corporate reservoir simulation centers and in the field. 
tNavigator 17.2 is now released and available for users.
Key modifications of 17.2
*New module – Network Designer
*3D Seismic (Geology Designer) Seismic interpretation: manual, guided autotracking, seeded 2D autotracking, seeded 3D autotracking, time to depth conversion
*AHM integration with Geology and Model Designer. Variables can be added to the workflow
*Geosteering (Geology Designer). Horizontal display of logs for planned and drilled well, 2D view and calculation of synthetic log using reference well
The full list of improvements can be found here.

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