PDI GRLWEAP Offshore Wave 2010-7 (精确模拟打桩过程)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

GRLWEAP是指GRL打桩波动方程分析程序。它可以模拟冲击或振动打桩机在打入过程中桩的运动及受力情况。经过多年的努力,GRLWEAP已从DOS版本发展成具有强大功能基于WINDOWS操作平台软件。目前,GRLWEAP已成为世界上打桩分析领域的主导及首选软件。现在GRLWEAP有两个版本,Standard版和Offshore Wave版(该版本特别适用于非均匀桩和/或倾斜桩打桩锤的分析。)
Offshore Wave版输入界面
● 对于给定的桩锤系统,GRLWEAP可依据观测的锤击数预测打桩阻力、桩身动应力及预估承载力。
● GRLWEAP可用贯入度替代锤击数进行振动打入桩分析
● 对于已知的打桩过程、土质情况及承载力要求,GRLWEAP可以帮助选择合适的打桩锤和打桩系统。
● GRLWEAP可打性分析可确定打桩过程中桩身应力是否超限或拒锤
● GRLWEAP能估计总打入时间
● 提供四种静阻力分析选项:ST法、SA法(改进了输入方式)、CPT法和API法(符合美国石油协会标准)
● 根据土塞状况,桩端面积可调
● 简化了倾斜桩分析的输入过程
● 可打性分析时,输入方式更加灵活
● 计算结果表界面更友好

GRLWEAP has achieved wide popularity throughout the world. The program simulates the behavior of a pile (a slender elastic rod) and the surrounding soil (an elastic, plastic and viscous material) under the impact of a pile driving hammer. Powerful options combine the basic analysis of one hammer blow into the simulation of a complete pile driving process. Today the GRLWEAP software is recognized by many specifying agencies as the most reliable predictor of dynamic pile driving stresses, hammer performance, and either blow count or bearing capacity of an impact driven pile.
-Extensive internal database that includes over 1600 hammer models and associated driving system -components. Database is editable and can be expanded by each user
-Easy user selection of hammers within program
-Users can modify hammer parameters
-Automatic model generation
-Simple input/output file management
-Screen display of analysis results in numerical or graphical form
-User-defined pile, cushion and soil data
-Bearing graph: capacity and stress maxima vs blow count
-Driveability analysis: blow count and stresses vs. depth allowing for consideration of variable -pile length, loss of soil set-up, cushion deterioration and others
-Inspector's Chart: required blow count for variable stroke (energy) and fixed bearing capacity
-Residual stresses for improved realism of simulation
-Vibratory hammer analysis
-Double pile analysis (e.g., mandrel driven piles)
-Variable (program calculated) or constant stroke analysis for diesel hammers.
-Bounce chamber pressure for closed end diesel hammers
-SI or English units
-Diesel hammers with thermodynamic analysis
-Smith-type lumped mass hammer and pile model with Newmark beta-method and predictor corrector type analysis
-Non-linear/bilinear stress-strain analysis of slacks, splices, cushions and other material interfaces
-Up to 498 pile segments for realistic analysis of piles with up to 500 m lenght
-Smith type soil model with four additional soil damping options
-Soil model extensions (for research applications) for soil plug, radiation damping among others 

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