NI AWR Design Environment with Analyst 14.0_9067 x64 (高频电路和微波系统设计)

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NI AWR Design Environment v14在设计流程管理和仿真中引入了许多创新,支持单片微波集成电路(MMIC),RFIC,多芯片模块和印刷电路板(PCB)技术。 模拟功能已在Microwave Office APLAC谐波平衡(HB)和Visual System Simulator(VSS)系统级仿真引擎中得到扩展,并且AXIEM平面3D和Analyst任意3D电磁(EM)解算器 。
多芯片模块的设计自动化和仿真已得到增强,在单个项目中更多地支持多技术工艺设计套件(PDK),对OpenAccess(原理图)数据库的新支持以及对Spectre RFIC网络表的APLAC协同仿真支持,以及简化的EM布局和端口创建。对于PCB设计,新的导入向导支持ODB ++和IPC2851数据库,以提供与主流第三方PCB布局工具的互操作性。还增加了新的布局编辑功能,以及简化的多技术管理。此外,V14中的新型EM Socket II架构为来自ANSYS,CST和Sonnet的AWR连接合作伙伴解决方案提供了改进的第三方EM仿真流程,使设计人员能够访问NI AWR设计环境中的备用EM仿真器
V14通过用于5G候选调制波形和相控阵行为模型增强的新通信库提供的高度精确的模拟RF前端组件测量来满足特定的系统要求。 RF功率放大器设计人员现在可以使用VSS中的系统级负载拉动分析为通信性能度量(如邻道功率比(ACPR)和误差矢量幅度(EVM))生成轮廓。 RF滤波器设计人员可以利用iFilter综合工具中的新功能加速其产品开发,并且被动和控制组件(如变压器,耦合器和混频器)的设计人员可以从新的综合功能和强大的新的优化方法中受益,使用专有的遗传算法更坚固的设计。
NI AWR Design Environment v14 introduces numerous innovations in design flow management and simulation, supporting monolithic microwave integrated circuit (MMIC), RFIC, multi-chip module and printed circuit board (PCB) technologies. Simulation capabilities have been expanded within the Microwave Office APLAC harmonic balance (HB) and Visual System Simulator (VSS) system-level simulation engines and speed improvements have been made to both its AXIEM planar 3D and Analyst arbitrary 3D electromagnetic (EM) solvers.
Design automation and simulation have been enhanced for multi-chip modules, with greater support for multi-technology process design kits (PDKs) within a single project, new support for OpenAccess (schematic) databases and APLAC co-simulation support for Spectre RFIC netlists, as well as simplified EM layout and port creation. For PCB design, a new import wizard supports ODB++ and IPC2851 databases to provide interoperability with mainstream third-party PCB layout tools. New layout editing capabilities have also been added, along with simplified multi-technology management. Furthermore, the new EM Socket II architecture within V13 offers improved third-party EM simulation flows for AWR Connected partner solutions from ANSYS, CST and Sonnet, giving designers access to alternate EM simulators within NI AWR Design Environment.
V13 addresses specific system requirements with highly accurate simulated RF front-end component measurements provided through new communication libraries for 5G candidate modulation waveforms and phased-array behavioral model enhancements.  RF power amplifier designers can now use the system-level load-pull analysis in VSS to generate contours for communication performance metrics such as adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR) and error vector magnitude (EVM). RF filter designers can take advantage of new capabilities in the iFilter synthesis tool to accelerate their product development and designers of passive and control components such as transformers, couplers and mixers can benefit from the new synthesis capabilities and powerful new optimization methods using proprietary genetic algorithms for more robust designs.

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