Mician uwave Wizard 8.0 (波导设计)

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Mician uwave Wizard 8.0正式发布。
Mician uWave Wizard 8.0可以将所要仿真的微波器件分离成“波导”+“不连续性”+“波导”+“不连续性”...级联网络,采用模式匹配法对其进行仿真,得出 3D 结构。可以对该结构进行优化设计。
带通滤波器综合向导:( Bandpass Filter Synthesis Wizard ):从滤波器指标(通带和阻带的 S21 特性)出发,选取滤波器类型(切比雪夫或最大平坦),向导自动给出滤波器原型,用户选择具体实现的硬件类型(同轴或波导、园形或方形、电容或电感膜片、单调谐或双调谐螺钉)等等,向导将自动给出整个滤波器的满足指标的最终结构。
梳状带通滤波器综合向导:( ComblineBandpass Filter Synthesis Wizard ):采用多重叠代的方法,可以引入附加零点,综合复杂的梳状滤波器。
Mician uwave Wizard 8.0
Mician μWave Wizard 8.0 combines the flexibility of the 2D/3D finite element method (FEM) with the speed and accuracy of traditional mode matching techniques. The benefit of mode matching lies in its ability to perform and combine sub-circuit type full-wave simulation with full parameterization of structural geometries using μWave Wizard’s built-in optimizers. The fast and easy composition of complex RF structures using basic building blocks eliminates the need to create a full 3D model of the entire structure and speeds the development process. In addition to its fast and powerful numerical methods, μWave Wizard offers flexibility and openness, including a COM API interface and CAD export formats that interface with most mechanical design tools.
Version 8 includes several additional features and enhancements:
Direct and Iterative Solver: μWave Wizard uses 3D FEM as an additional method to solve Maxwell’s equations, offering high flexibility in modeling capabilities (i.e., geometry, material fillings, field and loss calculations). Now with μWave Wizard Version 8, two new 3D FEM solvers – one direct and one iterative – have been introduced. They use a set of hierarchical basis functions, up to third order, and curvilinear tetrahedral elements to solve the wave equation. The use of higher order basis functions leads to more accurate approximations of the electromagnetic fields, where curvilinear tetrahedral elements result in accurate shape modeling of curved and complex geometries. The field calculation and mode matching interface have been extended for full compatibility with existing modules. The iterative solver uses a multilevel preconditioner for greater efficiency.
Reflector Synthesis Tool:The reflector computation, which was extended by a reflector synthesis tool since the previous version (7.11) of μWave Wizard, has been further modified in Version 8. This tool is now capable of designing several reflector and sub-reflector types, ranging from very basic structures like parabolic and hyperbolic to more complex structures such as displaced axis (DAX) Cassegrain or Gregorian reflectors (see Figure 3). This tool also offers the user the facility to create any user-defined reflector or sub-reflector.
Parallelization: μWave Wizard offers different levels of parallelism for efficient use of multi-core CPU architectures. The parallelization of all 3D FEM solvers and many of the mode matching and 2D FEM modules significantly speeds up the simulation of a single project.

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