Materialise e-Stage 7.0 x64 (高智能自动化精准支撑设计)

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 Materialise e-Stage是高智慧並且自動化地保證精准的支撐設計。e-Stage為客戶提高了生產效率在很多領域。軟體不僅用於自動化準備工作,不需要手動的處理支撐,它還能加強生產流程。它極好的支撐結構保證了極短的生產時間以及更低的樹脂損耗。我們的用戶已經成功的完成了很多的項目。不僅在歐洲,而且在北美,當e-Stage 投放市場後很多企業已經開始使用它了。 支持Materialise Magic RP 22.0
Materialise e-Stage 6.6
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Materialise e-Stage not only automates preparation work, reducing it to a push of a button and eliminating the need for processing the build support structures manually, it also optimizes the manufacturing process. It?s excellent supporstructures guarantee shorter production times, high part quality and lower resin consumption.
Automating your support generation process is an important factor if you want to sharply increase your Additive Manufacturing productivity. Materialise e-Stage can reduce the data preparation time in a way you’ve never experienced before.
This fully automated support generation software for all resin-based printers allows you to practically eliminate failed builds, save material, and reduce your finishing work. Whether you have one or 50 SL machines, a short evaluation period will justify your investment 

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