Magma Tekton-QCP 2012.12 Linux64 (寄生电容提取)

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Tekton, a new static timing analysis (STA) platform that offers significantly higher capacity and dramatically faster runtimes than traditional STA tools, without sacrificing accuracy. Unlike other solutions, Tekton runs multi-scenario analysis on low-cost hardware without requiring a large number of expensive servers and software licenses. Leveraging breakthrough technology, this revolutionary new platform addresses complex sign-off challenges and is suited for today's most challenging designs. Its next generation architecture offers the speed, capacity, and accuracy required for the industry's toughest designs.

The Tekton platform meets the runtime, capacity and accuracy requirements for sign-off through an architecture designed to accommodate more than 100 million instances and greater than 15 PVT corners. Traditional STA solutions often take days and numerous machines to deliver results on complicated designs that have many analysis scenarios. Tekton's multi-threaded architecture provides near-linear scaling on up to 24 CPUs. For a single timing scenario, with OCV and crosstalk enabled, Tekton performs timing analysis on designs greater than 10 million cells in minutes. When 5, 10, 24, 27 or 54 scenarios are enabled, Tekton performs timing analysis, with OCV and crosstalk enabled, in less than one hour on a single CPU.

Incremental Extraction With Tekton QCP

Today's complex chip designs require accurate timing analysis to be performed across many scenarios (operating modes and PVT corners). Coupling Tekton's timing analysis with Tekton QCP's incremental extraction in a single session offers designers the ability to simultaneously iterate through the timing closure process of analyzing, fixing and incrementally extracting nets. The ability to make changes and instantly get accurate timing results can drastically reduce the amount of time spent in trial-and-error ECO loops.

To address the timing closure challenges design teams face at 40 nm and below, Tekton supports advanced OCV (A-OCV) margin reduction techniques. By incorporating A-OCV into timing closure flows, design teams can minimize global pessimistic margins that lengthen tapeout schedules and potentially increase die sizes. For critical path and net analysis, Tekton and Tekton QCP offer high accuracy modes that leverage Tekton's integrated SPICE engine and Tekton QCP's accurate extraction.


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