Leica Infinity 2.4.0 (地理空间办公)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Leica Infinity是用于测量专业人员的用户友好的地理空间办公软件。无论是测量新的调查项目还是为建筑布局作业准备数据,Infinity都支持您的工作流程,v2.2简体中文语言版本
不同的数据汇集在一个现场项目上 - BIM,CAD,GIS等。 Infinity可以无缝地提取和导出这些数据类型。使用集成数据交换服务Leica Exchange和Leica ConX使移动数据更加高效。
- 在3D查看器中轻松导入,显示和管理数据
- 准备调查或基础设施数据,包括现场工作人员的道路,路面和控制点
- 在项目中生成和保存报告,以实现完全可追溯性
- 处理地面TPS和电平数据和三倍频多星座GNSS数据
- 全3D,2D,1D网络调整,以产生可靠的控制坐标
- 使用和管理现场的图像,包括图像的测量点
- 使用扫描点数据,包括完整的三维网格划分工具
- 完成的字段,用于高效的CAD可交付成果
- Leica SmartNet集成,用于下载GNSS参考数据
- 使用HxIP图像和默认基本地图完成空间感知
- 使用Leica Exchange,Leica ConX数据服务实现高效的数据传输
Leica Infinity is the user-friendly geospatial office software for the measurement professional. Whether it’s measuring new survey projects or preparing data for construction layout jobs, Infinity supports your workflow.
Different data come together on a field project – BIM, CAD, GIS and more. Infinity can extract and export these data types seamlessly. Using the integrated data exchange services Leica Exchange and Leica ConX makes moving data that much more efficient.
Infinity supports your workflows:
- Import, visualise, and manage data easily, all in the 3D viewer
- Prepare survey or infrastructure data including roads, surfaces and control points for field crews
- Generate and save reports in your project for complete traceability
- Process Terrestrial TPS & Level data and Triple frequency multi constellation GNSS data
- Full 3D, 2D, 1D Network Adjustments  to produce reliable control coordinates
- Use and manage images from the field including measuring points from images
- Work with scan point data including full 3D meshing tools
- Field to Finish for efficient CAD deliverables
- Leica SmartNet integration for downloading GNSS reference data
- Complete spatial awareness with HxIP imagery and default base maps
- Use the Leica Exchange, Leica ConX data services for efficient data transfer

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