JCT Consultancy LinSig 3.2.37 (交通信号设计)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

LinSig 3是LinSig的一个重要的新版本,并已经提供自2009年中期,它增加了许多新的功能和扩展了软件的一些显著的方向。由于其原始发行于1985年LinSig一直是英国的工业标准软件的交通信号路口的评估和设计。其独特的属性是,现在仍然是两种流量和控制器建模综合交通信号设计的结合。该软件一直在推动英国相位(信号组)的控制提供最大限度的安全和效率为所有道路使用者为基础的方法。 
LinSig一个常见的应用是其中涉及大量的替代方案新的交通信号方案的快速测试。 LinSig允许不同的选项,可以快速建模和拒绝或迈出可能是为了更详细的资源密集型的建模,如微观。该软件的其他常见的用途包括环形交叉口信号为它强烈确立了在英国和海外,交通评估,土地开发和信号,优先级和环岛路口网络的详细建模的交互设计。
LinSig 3 is a major new version of LinSig and has been available since mid 2009. It adds many new features and extends the software in a number of significant directions. Since its original release in 1985 LinSig has been the UK industry standard software for the assessment and design of traffic signal junctions. Its unique attribute was and still is the combination of both traffic and controller modelling for comprehensive traffic signal design. The software has been instrumental in advancing UK phase (signal group) based methods of control giving maximum safety and efficiency for all road users.
One common application of LinSig is rapid testing of new traffic signal schemes which involve large numbers of alternative options. LinSig allows different options to be quickly modelled and rejected or taken forward possibly to more detailed resource intensive modelling such as microsimulation. Other common uses of the software include the interactive design of signalled roundabouts for which it is strongly established in the UK and overseas, transport assessments for land development and detailed modelling of networks of signal, priority and roundabout junctions. 

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