Interpe IX1D 3.46 (电阻地质探测重建)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Interpe IX1D V3是一款1维直流(DC)电阻,诱发多倍性(IP),磁电的(MT)和电磁的地质探测重建软件,它具有下列特性: 支持大部分的直流电阻数组,例如Wenner, Schlumberger Dipole-dipole Pole-dipole and Pole-pole arrays。 支持单电阻或带诱发多倍性电阻测量值(称为PFE),并且支持在极短的千分秒或是千分度之相角改变的分析能力。 支持使用明显的电阻和阻抗。 支持水平共面、垂直共面、和直向共轴同相角的主频率电磁与频率相对照的面积测量法,卷绕空间和量测高度。 支援EM电导率 支援TEM测量法.
Interpe IX1D v3 is a 1-D Direct Current (DC) resistivity, Induced Polarization (IP), Magnetotelluric (MT) and electromagnetic sounding inversion program with the following features:
-Supports Most DC resistivity arrays, including: Wenner, Schlumberger Dipole-dipole Pole-dipole and Pole-pole arrays.
-Supports Resistivity only or Resistivity with IP measurements in terms of PFE, Chargeability in msec or Phase in mrad.
-Supports Magnetotelluric (MT) sounding inversion with Apparent Resistivity and Impedance Phase.
-Supports Horizontal Coplanar, Vertical Coplanar and Vertical Coaxial Frequency-Domain Electromagnetic in-phase and quadrature measurements made versus frequency, coil spacing or instrument height. Measurements can be in percent or ppm of the primary field.
-Supports EM Conductivity measurements in terms of apparent conductivity in milliSiemens/m.
-Supports TEM measurements taken with central loop, fixed loop or coincident loop configurations (additional license fee required).
IX1D has the capability to read in a resistivity well log from a flat ASCII file and the user can interactively reduce the log to several discreet layers by fitting straight line segments to the cumulative conductance in the log. The resulting model can be copied to the model in the current data set for further modeling.

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