Intergraph GT STRUDL 2016 v35.0 (建筑设计与分析)

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GT STRUDL - 通用的结构分析软件。GT STRUDL是世界上广泛应用的、完全集成的和适用性强的结构分析解决方案。该软件在多领域成 绩显著,如核电站、火电站、陆上和海上设施、海事、民用工程和基础设施等。GT STRUDL为工程 师提供精确和完整的技术数据,满足其经济、高效的结构工程设计决策。GT STRUDL是其应用领域 中的市场领军者,具有高质量的结果、经验证的可靠性和专业的技术支持
GT STRUDL is one of the most widely used Structural Design & Analysis software programs for Architectural - Engineering - Construction (AEC), CAE/CAD, utilities, offshore, industrial, nuclear and civil works.  GT STRUDL is a fully integrated general-purpose structural information processing system capable of supplying an engineer with accurate and complete technical data for design decision making.
GT STRUDL completely integrates graphical modeling and result display, frame and finite static, dynamic, and nonlinear analysis, finite element analysis, structural frame design, graphical result display, and structural database management into a powerful menu driven information processing system.   In over 30 years of use, GT STRUDL is one of the most widely accepted computer-aided engineering and design tools for the structural analyst and structural design engineer.  GT STRUDL is used on a regular basis by thousands of engineers in over 30 countries.

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