Intergraph CAESAR II 2018 v10.00.00 x64 (管道应力分析软件)

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 Intergraph CAESAR II管道应力分析软件是由美国COADE公司研发的压力管道应力分析专业软件。它既可以分析计算静态分析,也可进行动态分析。CAESARII向用户提供完备的国际上的通用管道设计规范,使用方便快捷。
Intergraph CAESAR II 2018 – the industry de facto standard for pipe stress analysis.
CAESAR II evaluates the structural responses and stresses of piping systems to international codes and standards. This 2018 version includes features that address many long-standing customer requests, as well as some significant industry code updates.
Technical additions include the ability to evaluate creep conditions for all piping codes using EN-13480 guidelines, and a new dialog to specify custom nozzle stiffnesses from the piping input. The version features several interface and usability improvements, including model symbols to show displacements, rotations, forces and moments, and improved display of node numbers and axial stops in piping models.
An update to the 2017 Edition of the ASME B31.4 code for Liquid Pipelines is now included in CAESAR II. This update includes the depreciation of B31.11, which is now included in B31.4. Along with this large code update, the software now aids the analyst in evaluating pipelines even further by providing an option to either let the software determine the restrained or unrestrained state of the pipe elements automatically, or the ability to specify the state themselves.
Other code updates include support for:
- 2015 edition of the Canadian code Z662 for Oil and Gas Pipelines
- 2016 edition of API-560 for Fired Heaters
- 2016 edition of the ASME B31.1 code for Power Piping
- 2016 edition of the ASME B31.5 for Refrigeration Piping and Heat Transfer Components

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