EnviroSim BioWin 5.2 (污水处理厂分析和设计)

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EnviroSim BioWin模拟器在全球范围内用于城市污水处理厂的分析和设计。 BioWin全厂建模提供流程洞察,降低资本成本和运营成本。另有EnviroSim BioWin 5.2简体中文版
BioWin是将生物,化学和物理过程模型结合在一起的废水处理过程模拟器。 BioWin在全球范围内用于各类污水处理厂的设计,升级和优化。 BioWin的核心是专有的生物模型,补充了其他工艺模型(例如用于计算pH的水化学模型,氧模型的传质模型和其他气 - 液相互作用)。 BioWin模型由EnviroSim独家拥有,开发和支持,是原始的“全厂”模式。
EnviroSim BioWin 5.2
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EnviroSim BioWin simulator is used world-wide in the analysis and design of municipal wastewater treatment plants. BioWin whole plant modeling provides process insights that reduce capital costs and operating expenses. 
BioWin is a wastewater treatment process simulator that ties together biological, chemical, and physical process models. BioWin is used world-wide to design, upgrade, and optimize wastewater treatment plants of all types. The core of BioWin is the proprietary biological model which is supplemented with other process models (e.g. water chemistry models for calculation of pH, mass transfer models for oxygen modelling and other gas-liquid interactions). The BioWin model is owned, developed, and supported exclusively by EnviroSim and is the original “whole plant” model.
In addition to incorporating the most powerful model on the market, BioWin offers unsurpassed ease of use. Use the BioWin Album to capture your simulation project results with informative tables and charts. Customize your work environment to suit your needs with options such as default unit systems, flowsheet display preferences, and auto-save settings. Transfer your results manually to and from spreadsheet, word processing, and presentation software quickly using copy/paste operations, or generate comprehensive reports automatically using BioWin’s “report to WordTM” feature.

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