Encom ModelVision 13.0 (重磁数据处理和反演)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Encom ModelVision是一款功能强大的重磁数据处理、反演软件,用于大型重磁数据处理,反演软件,特别适合于金属矿勘查,非金属矿勘查领域的重磁2D、3D反演,该软件主要功能有:
2、强大的模型反演功能是Modelvision Pro的最大特色,可以方便的建立、修改模型及相关参数,进行2维和3维重磁正反演,方便地球物理工作者进行地质解释。
Encom ModelVision is a practical improvement to the already powerful modelling application of previous versions. In this release ModelVision focuses on making it easier to work with cross-sections and 2D map views while modelling or preparing map layouts. Some new utilities also provide an easier method for data correction and examining the inversion process.
Features available in this release of Encom ModelVision are:
The Terrain Correction Calculator utility significantly reduces the amount of calculation time needed to perform the necessary correction for the effect of the terrain when modelling gravity data. In previous versions of ModelVision the terrain correction was performed by calculating the forward model of the terrain using constant density of a General Polyhedron body type with constant mesh size.This is still available but the new terrain calculator significantly reduces calculation time by using successively larger grids at greater distances from the measurement point. Up to three grids can be used. This improves the calculation time by factors of up to 1000, particularly for large gradient surveys while still retaining maximum resolution for 
close effects.
The Movie Mode is a new utility which allows the user to capture changes to a model made during inversion and then replay the changes as a movie.
In previous versions of ModelVision the configuration of cross-section windows were managed through the X-Section Configuration dialog. The configuration dialog has been replaced by a Layer Table, similar to the Body Table utility, and provides immediate access to each data object type for the control of visibility and design.  

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