E-Frontier Amapi Pro 7.5.2 (3D草图工具)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Amapi Pro 是一款高端 NURBS 建模软件,为产品设计师、建筑师和高端3D建模师提供了完整的创作环境和高效的解决方案。
Amapi Pro 7.5 强大的 NURBS 引擎,提供了所有高级的设计工具,设计师可通过 Amapi Pro 提供的工具灵活自由的各种创建高精度的结构和3D模型。另外,Amapi Pro 还整合了 Carrara Studio 3 的渲染模块,提供了真实的照片级高精度预览和表现效果。

一款创新的3D草图工具,概念设计工具,CAD系统的万用的伴侣。提供了与众不同的创造高端3D模型的环境,可进行灵活快速的3D建模,提供了高端的曲面建模功能。 3D建模软件,Eovia Amapi pro支持polymesh surface distortion, keyframe NURBS 等功能,可以创建出一些在3d游戏中常见的效果如粒子运动,爆炸,和冲撞等。

::::::English Description::::::

Amapi Pro 7.5 helps creative designers achieve successful results by delivering a comprehensive modeling feature set and advanced capabilities within a natural, elegant and efficient 3D working environment.

Amapi Pro 7.5 provides product designers and 3D modelers a NURBS-based environment for conception and creation of highly refined 3D models. Amapi Pro is flexible and fast, and offers all the advanced design tools to accurately construct, model and assemble complex 3D models in the 3D space.

  • Modeling Using NURBS: Amapi Pro s NURBS (non-uniform rational B-splines) modeling allows designers to create and edit complex surfaces and volumes in a unique user interface widely recognized in the industry.
  • Explore Design Alternatives: The Dynamic Geometry palette allows you to navigate inside complex objects made up of several levels, or earlier design stages can be revisited for design alternatives.
  • Full CAD Compatibility: Amapi Pro handles IGES, SAT, STL and DWG file formats which communicate seamlessly with 2D CAD systems for integration into the manufacturing process. Amapi Pro provides the link between the designer s initial idea and the reality of the final project.
  • Perfect Prototypes the First Time Around: Amapi generates watertight STL files, so you can quickly create plastic models of your design for rapid prototyping, facilitating the tooling process. Once your design is complete, you can build your prototype!

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