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Delcam PowerSHAPE 2011 R2 多国语言含简繁体中文版本正式发布!

Delcam PowerSHAPE 是一独特的 Tribrid Modelling 三合一混合造型 CAD 设计系统,它集实体、曲面和三角形造型建模技术为一体,充分发挥三者混合设计的优势,是工业创新设计的利器。全中文Windows 用户界面,智能化光标技术,操作简便。系统还提供了专业化的模具设计模块和专业化的自动电极设计模块。Delcam PowerSHAPE 广泛用于汽车、航空航天、电子电器、模具、包装、玩具、制鞋、陶瓷、餐具及等行业。

Delcam PowerSHAPE 的产品特点

● 三角形、曲面、实体三合一混合造型、布尔运算。
● 易学易用,功能强大。
● 缩短复杂形体设计时间,提高效率。
● 摹仿变形全局编辑(Morphing)专利技术,为产品快速改型、设计创新提供独一无二的工具。
● 几何特征设计(Embossing)专利技术,为产品添加标识(logo)、纹理、艺术图案、浮雕最有效的工具。

● 照片质感的三维模型图像渲染。

PowerSHAPE CAD software provides a complete environment to take your product ideas from concept to reality. PowerSHAPE offers unrivalled freedom to manipulate surface form of the CAD model, to build from wireframe and make global changes with solid feature operations and editing. PowerSHAPE follows the philosophy of "Simple to create, easy to modify". PowerSHAPE includes all PowerSHAPE's core hybrid modelling tools as well as a number of features that are focused specifically upon the needs of designers.
PowerSHAPE 2011 enhances the powerful Parasolid tools added in PowerSHAPE 2010, allowing you to work with larger models even more efficiently. Please explore this Learning Zone to find out how PowerSHAPE 2011 can give your business the competitive edge.

New features added to PowerSHAPE 2011 include:-

  • Solid Hints - to show how to repair problems
  • Electrodes from Surfaces – create complex electrodes without making a solid
  • Solid Transform feature – Add ‘transform’ operations such as mirror, move and rotate, to the model’s history
  • Preserve Wireframe Colours – retain the colours of individual faces of a solid when exporting to PowerMILL, for clearer communication with the shop floor

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