DNV Nauticus Machinery 2014.v12.0 (船舶推进系统设计与计算)

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DNV Nauticus Machinery用于设计和计算船舶推进系统。它的扭振计算模块Nauticus Torsional Vibrations,主要用于计算各种船舶推进系统(柴油机、电动机、汽轮机或蒸汽燃机系统)的稳态扭转振动,是一款当前功能最全面和有效的扭振计算软件。它为用户提供强大的当量系统界面建模功能、脚本建模功能和全面的图表结果显示和生成最终报告等功能。
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DNV Nauticus Machinery is a complete software package for fatigue, strength and vibration analysis in marine propulsion systems - bridging the gap between shaft theory and reality.
Marine propulsion design and analysis
Proper propulsion system/components analyses during the design phase help avoid delays in delivery and damage problems in operation, thereby reducing expensive off-hire. Professional and reliable software is essential for the design of a robust system.

Key benefits of Nauticus Machinery software

  • Time savings and efficiency in design process
  • Includes the following modules: 
    - Shaft Alignment 
    - Torsional Vibration 
    - Shaft Fatigue 
    - Crankshaft Fatigue 
    - Gear Faceload and Rating 
    - Propeller Blade 
    - Ice class (for IACS Polar Ice Class Rules and Finnish-Swedish Ice Class Rules for Northern Baltic) 
    - Controllable Pitch Mechanism Tool
  • Based on DNV GL’s extensive experience, tailored for marine propulsion application
  • Supports almost all propulsion systems, such as direct coupled propulsion systems, geared propulsion systems and generator sets
  • Analyses that match reality, saving time and resources
  • Can be used for design and for trouble-shooting

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