Concept SpiceVision 6.8.9 (高容量晶体管级调试器和查看器)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Concept SpiceVision采用由许多EDA工具生成的复杂SPICE描述,并生成干净,易于读取的晶体管级原理图和电路片段,以及设计文档,以加速调试和项目开发。 Spice电路和模型是EDA世界的常见货币。 它们由许多EDA工具产生,并且提供对在组件的最低级别的电路的描述:晶体管,电容器,电阻器甚至互连,其组合以产生例如IC。 但除了最琐碎的设计,Spice文件很难阅读。 SpiceVision在屏幕上生成电路图,加快调试和项目开发。 SpiceVision产品系列有助于解决数字电路,混合信号ASIC,模拟电路,印刷电路板和MEMS的设计问题。
Concept SpiceVision takes the complex SPICE descriptions produced by many EDA tools and generates clean, easy-to-read transistorlevel schematics and circuit fragments, and design documentation to speed up debugging and project development. Spice circuits and models are the common currency of the EDA world. They are generated by many EDA tools and provide a description of the circuit at the lowest level of components: the transistors, capacitors, resistors and even the interconnect, that combine to produce, for example, an IC. But for all but the most trivial design, Spice files are difficult to read. SpiceVision generates circuit schematics on screen and speeds up debugging and project development. The SpiceVision product family helps to solve design problems in: Digital Circuits, Mixed-Signal ASICs, Analog Circuits, Printed Circuit Boards and MEMS. 

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