CEI EnSight Gold 10.2.1b (后处理软件)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

CEI EnSight Gold 是一套适用于各种工程和科学,如CFD、FEA、碰撞、 流体动力、SPH的后处理软件,将计算结果可视化!
CEI EnSight是一个用于高端科学和工程数据的分析,可视化领域开发的工具,它能分析,可视化和沟通高端科学和工程数据集.EnSight Gold充分利用并行处理和渲染, 提供对VR设备阵列的支持以及能够实时协同. EnSight Gold以能处理包含上百万甚至上亿个节点的模型,而在该领域出众。
EnSight Gold是一款分析、观察以及通信高端科学和工程数据集的软件。EnSight Gold完全利用并行处理和渲染,为一批VR设备提供了支持,并使其能够实时协作。EnSight Gold的分布式结构能够处理包含了多达数十亿节点的科学和工程分析模型。主要特性:
* 并行的处理和渲染;
* 支持虚拟现实;
* 协作;
* 可移动的模型:能够运动地显示稳态和瞬间结果
EnSight Gold's distributed architecture handles scientific and engineering analysis models containing up to billions of nodes while optimizing memory use. It builds upon the full functionality of EnSight. Features unique to EnSight Gold include:
SMP parallel processing support for more than 2 processors.
Supports multi-pipe display to drive VR planar and non-planar display environments such as a RAVE or multi-panel display wall.
"Heads Up" Macro (HUM) for creating customized VR interfaces as well as interaction using VR input devices for head tracking and manipulation.
Output to POV-Ray ray-tracing program for photorealistic images.
Interfaces with EnLiten Gold for sharing of results in VR environments.
Support for 3D input devices by Trackd or write your own using CEI's provided API.
Server-of-server (SoS) functionality for parallel processing of decomposed data on SMP or DMP architectures. See tutorial... 

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