Act-3D Quest3D Power Edition 5.0 (实时3D建构)

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软件介绍|Description ——介绍来源于互联网,具体功能以官方为准。

Act-3D Quest3D是一款非常优秀的实时3D建构工具。在业界以效果出色而闻名,这些非常绚丽的效果主要得益于成熟的DirectX引擎,使用Quest3D,您可以不花任何程序的功夫,建构出属于您自己的实时3D互动世界。
Act-3D Quest3D is tool for producing real-time 3D Windows applications. Quest3D contains very few high level tools and most work is done very close to the hardware.
The Quest3D can import 3D models in DXF, 3DS, OBJ, DAE and FBX format.
Virtual camera
Quest3D includes code for rendering images in high dynamic range. This function also includes automatic exposure combined with bloom and flare effects. You can set up your own camera projections and control them by mouse or keyboard.
Natural environment
Quest3D includes code for rendering sky, clouds and landscape. You can alter the height of the landscape and enable an ocean surface.
With HLSL you can program your own shaders. Through DirectX 9 you can write shaders up to shader model level 3. Shaders can be used to define the look of materials and they can be used to create post processors.
A template is included which implements a deferred shading pipeline. The direction of the sun is used to light objects and ambient shadows are approximated in screen space.
Fine grained customization
Quest3D is a tool which combines quick development with fine control over everything. It helps if you have programming experience but the actual programming is done using visual graphs.
Graphical programming
The graph system is what makes Quest3D unique. By using a graph for programming you can quickly test things and modify your program without waiting for a compiler.
Software development kitp
With the software development kit you can build your own components for Quest3D and build in support for specific hardware for example.

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