Keysight Physical Layer Test System(PLTS) 2018

Keysight Physical Layer Test System(PLTS) 2018正式发布!


  • 利用 N5291A PNA 毫米波系统(900 Hz 至 120 GHz)实现突破性的 6 ps 空间分辨率
  • 基于 Python 的运算功能支持远程编程和自动化
  • 64 端口 S 参数分析可以用于测量后的表征

全新 PLTS 2018 提供突破性的 6 ps 空间分辨率
全新物理层测试系统(PLTS)2018 版软件在解决高速互连(如电缆、背板、印刷电路板和连接器)的相邻阻抗不连续性问题上实现重大突破。全球许多信号完整性实验室已经在研发原型测试阶段使用 PLTS 并受益匪浅。PLTS 2018 现在支持全新的 N5291A PNA 毫米波系统,该系统可以独立提供 900 Hz 至 120 GHz 的单次连续扫描(参见下面的图 1)。这种全新的硬件支持不仅为功率完整性应用提供了优异的低频性能,还提供了领先的 120 GHz 最高截止频率,这意味着 6 ps 的等效系统上升时间。6 ps 上升时间使小于 400 微米的相邻阻抗不连续性问题得以在高性能 BGA(球珊阵列)陶瓷 IC 封装中予以解决。专为 400G 网络和数据中心设计的高速 SERDES 芯片组现在可以获得充分表征和优化,实现更高性能。

Python 界面
PLTS 2018 的另一个重要增强是增加了 Python 编程界面。Python 是一种广泛使用的高级编程语言,它拥有一个支持多种编程范式(包括面向对象、命令、功能编程和程序化样式)的动态系统,。此前的 PLTS 2017 版本使用的是 MATLAB 编程界面,而 Python 允许对 PLTS 输出的数据进行自定义处理,并将结果返回 PLTS。这个新的语言界面促进了远程和工厂自动化应用的发展,加速背板、PCB、连接器、电缆和 IC 封装的大批量生产。请参见 PLTS 2018 的内置帮助,了解更多详情和编程示例。

64 端口 S 参数分析
PLTS 2018 的最后一个重大改进是 64 端口 S 参数功能。很多复杂的背板应用都拥有多个通道,需要进行广泛的串扰表征,以达到新高速数字标准的要求。这个 64 端口 S 参数分析功能能够对 8 个差分对的任意组合执行全面的近端和远端串扰进行全面彻查。这使多个域中的超过 4096 个波形能够快速而轻松地调用到 PLTS 中。目前,市场上只有少数几种信号完整性工具能够在单一分析系统中内置完整的硬件和软件串扰表征功能。

Keysight Physical Layer Test System(PLTS) 2018 (物理层测试系统) | 276 Mb

Key Features & Specifications

  • Breakthrough spatial resolution of 6 picoseconds with N5291A PNA mm-wave system (900 Hz to 120 GHz)
  • Python-based math function support for remote programming and automation
  • 64-port S-parameter analysis for post-measurement characterization

NEW PLTS 2018 Breakthrough Spatial Resolution of 6 Picoseconds
The new Physical Layer Test System (PLTS) 2018 has significant breakthrough capabilities with regards to resolving adjacent impedance discontinuities within high-speed interconnects, such as cables, backplanes, PCBs and connectors. Many signal integrity laboratories around the world have benefited from the power of PLTS in the R&D prototype test phase. PLTS 2018 now supports the new N5291A PNA MM-wave system that provides a single continuous sweep of 900 Hz to 120 GHz in a single box (see Figure 1 below). This new hardware support enables not only excellent low frequency performance for power integrity applications, but also achieves the best-in-class highest stop frequency of 120 GHz which directly translates to a 6-picosecond equivalent system risetime. This 6-picosecond risetime allows adjacent impedance discontinuities of less than 400 microns to be resolved in high-performance BGA (ball grid array) ceramic IC packages. High-speed SERDES chipsets designed for 400G network and data centers can now be fully characterized and optimized for high performance.

Python interface
Another significant enhancement to PLTS 2018 is the addition of a Python programming interface. Python is a widely used high-level programming language that features a dynamic system that supports multiple programming paradigms, including object-oriented, imperative, functional programming, and procedural styles. While the previous version of PLTS 2017 used the MATLAB programming interface, Python allows for custom processing of data out of and back into PLTS. This new language interface furthers the remote and factory automation applications for high-volume production of backplanes, PCBs, connectors, cables and IC packages. See the PLTS 2018 built-in Help for additional details and programming examples.

64-port S-parameter analysis
The last major enhancement to PLTS 2018 is 64-port S-parameter capability. Many sophisticated backplane applications have multiple channels that need extensive crosstalk characterization in order to comply to the new high-speed digital standards. The 64-port S-parameter analysis allows eight differential pairs to be fully scrutinized for near-end and far-end crosstalk in any combination. This allows over 4096 waveforms to be recalled onto a PLTS canvas quickly and easily in multiple domains. There are very few signal integrity tools on the market that have a complete cross talk characterization of hardware and software built into a single analysis system.

Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.x

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