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EDEM是离散元素方法(DEM)专家和市场领导者,今天发布了旗舰软件的最新版本。 EDEM 2018侧重于生产力和性能,并包含一系列新功能和增强功能,使用户能够从设置到处理和仿真分析的整个过程加速工作流程。 与其他CAE工具的集成也是此版本的一个关键主题,通过使用Dassault Systemes的有限元分析软件Abaqus–来自FunctionBay的SIMULIA和多体动力学工具RecurDyn引入新的耦合解决方案。 以下是EDEM 2018的一些亮点。

设置模拟 – 新工具
EDEM Creator包含了一些新工具,主要有利于用户设计建筑,采矿,越野和农业等行业的重型设备,这些设备正在模拟与大型物料床相互作用的机器。


为了帮助用户更快,更轻松地生成大床,EDEM 2018引入了床生成工具,使用户能够通过复制小块材料快速制作大床。这些模块可以重复使用,存储并在多个用户和模拟之间轻松传输,从而节省了设置时间和模拟时间。

添加到EDEM 2018的第二个关键功能是动态域,它可以创建一个活动域以仅解决必要区域中的联系人。剩下的材料床被冻结直到需要,因此可以以更有效的方式使用更大的床。通过仅解决活动区域,可以使材料床更大,而不用担心模拟的计算成本。



在处理方面,EDEM不断推进其GPU解算器引擎,并纳入了用户自首次推出以来提出的许多要求,包括提高了性能和准确性,并获得了EDEM其他领域的功能。在EDEM 2018中,GPU求解器现在具有完全双精度,即使对于非常小的粒子,也可以提供最大的稳定性和准确性。此外,使用EDEM高度通用的应用程序编程接口(API)的用户将能够将GPU解算器与他们的定制模型一起使用,因此即使对于高级和复杂的应用程序,也可以提高性能。



新功能可在模拟计算时导出预定义的查询 – 使用户无需等待仿真结束或停止仿真即可查看结果。数据导出的速度也得到了显着改善,同时图形的速度也得到了显着提高。增加了新的分析方法,包括速度分布,总质量,分离和体积密度的传感器,可以更快地访问常用的分析方法。


CAE集成 – 新的耦合解决方案

EDEM与领先的CAE公司(包括ANSYS,MSC Software和Siemens PLM Software)合作,提供一系列有限元分析(FEA),多体动力学(MBD)和计算流体动力学(CFD)工具的协同仿真解决方案。


DEM Solutions EDEM 2018 v4.0 x64 (离散元素方法) | 685 Mb

EDEM, the Discrete Element Method (DEM) specialist and market leader, today released the latest version of its flagship software. EDEM 2018 focuses on productivity and performance and includes a range of new features and enhancements enabling users to speed-up their workflow all the way from setup to processing and analysis of simulations. Integration with other CAE tools is also a key theme of this release with the introduction of new coupling solutions with Finite Element Analysis software Abaqus from Dassault Systemes – SIMULIA and Multi-body Dynamics tool RecurDyn from FunctionBay. Here are some of the highlights of EDEM 2018.
Setting-up Simulations – New Tools

The EDEM Creator includes new tools that will primarily benefit users designing heavy equipment in the construction, mining, off-road and agriculture industries who are simulating machinery interacting with large beds of material.

Engineers typically need to analyze behavior once ground engagement has reached a steady state. This can be the turnover of the soil in the farrow from ploughing, or folding of material from the top of a dozer. In these examples, it is critical to create a bed of material long enough to enable the equipment to achieve the steady state condition but creating long bed of materials can result in longer simulation time.

To help users generating large beds quicker and easier, EDEM 2018 introduces a Bed Generation Tool that enables users to make a large bed quickly by copying small blocks of material. The blocks can be re-used, stored and easily transferred between multiple users and simulations which saves both setup time and simulation time.

A second key capability that has been added to EDEM 2018 is the Dynamic Domain which makes it possible to create an active domain to only solve contacts in necessary areas. The remaining material bed is frozen until needed so a much larger bed can be used in a far more efficient way. By only solving for the active region, the material bed can be made much bigger without any worries about the computing cost of the simulation.

In addition, since determining the right properties to represent the real material can be difficult especially for complex materials such as soils, a new resource called ‘Soils Starter Pack’ has been developed. It consists of 8 models for different types of soils exhibiting different types of compressibility and stickiness and ready to be used in a simulation.

In parallel, a new contact model for modeling complex cohesive materials such as fine dry powders, organic materials, soil and ore fines is now available as a standard built-in contact model in EDEM. This model, called Edinburgh Elasto-Plastic Adhesion (EEPA), offers a solution for cohesive granular solids whose behavior changes depending on the stresses experienced by the material beforehand. It can help realistically simulate applications such as material adhesion to earthmoving equipment, soil-tyre interaction or for instance a cohesive powder compaction process such as tabletting.

Increased Performance & Accuracy

On the processing side, EDEM has continued to advance its GPU solver engine and incorporated many of the requests made by users since its first introduction, including increased performance and accuracy and access to the features found in other areas of EDEM. In EDEM 2018 the GPU solver is now fully double precision, which provides maximum stability and accuracy to simulations even for very small particles. In addition, users making use of EDEM’s highly versatile Application Programming Interface (API) will be able to use the GPU solver with their custom models, hence benefiting from a performance increase even for advanced and complex applications.

Enhanced Post-processing

A range of enhancements have been applied to the EDEM Analyst for faster and advanced visualization and analysis.

A new feature enables pre-defined queries to be exported while the simulation is being calculated – enabling users to review results without having to wait until the end of the simulation or stop the simulation. The speed of data export has also been significantly improved as well as the speed of graphing.  New analysis methods have been added including sensors for velocity profile, total mass, segregation and bulk density, providing quicker access to commonly used analysis methods.

On the visualization side, a range of enhancements have been included enabling users to make more realistic and dynamic videos. This includes notably the possibility to track a geometry with the camera as it moves, switching views automatically at a specified time, adding realistic textures to particles and geometries, changing opacity of particles as well as the capability to have different views and graphs side by side using the multi-view window.

CAE Integration – new coupling solutions

EDEM partners with leading CAE companies including ANSYS, MSC Software and Siemens PLM Software to offer a range of co-simulation solutions with Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Multi-body Dynamics (MBD) and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tools.

New partnerships with Simulia and FunctionBay now enable the coupling of EDEM with Abaqus and RecurDyn. This means users can transfer realistic bulk material loads from EDEM to their FEA and MBD tool of choice, resulting in greater insight into equipment performance.

Language: English
Operating Systems: Windows 7/8.x 64Bit

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